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>I am almost Lindsey’s…


I am almost Lindsey’s house Luke and Emma’s daycare provider. This is Emma’s last day with Lindsey and they have a little party and Emma will be going to Gateway Bible solution after setting up, this coming up and I’ve arrived at Lindsey’s, getting out of the car. listen

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>A Beginner’s Guide to E-Books – Stepcase Lifehack

>A Beginner’s Guide to E-Books – Stepcase Lifehack: “How to Find E-Books

There are thousands, maybe millions, of sites offering e-books on the Internet, but here are a few good ones:

* Amazon: Of course Amazon has e-books, with just about any recent mainstream book for sale. Your favorite online retailer probably carries e-books, too.
* Project Gutenberg: Millions of free, public domain books, generally available in text and HTML formats. Includes just about any classic book you can think of from before 1923, and a few more recent books.
* Wowio: Beautifully formatted books, including some fairly recent mainstream books, all free.
* The Internet Archive: The Internet Archive is scanning books in libraries around the world and making them available for free in a range of formats, including searchable PDFs of the original page images. They have about half-a-million texts so far, and counting.
* Baen Free Library: A pioneer in the e-book field, Baen makes selected titles from it’s line of science fiction and fantasy books available for free download. Lots of good stuff for SF fans!
* Free-eBooks.net: A huge directory of free e-books, most of which are self-published. You’ll have to do some digging to find quality stuff here, but there are plenty of good books to be found wit# h some patience.
* Web Warrior Tools: Founded by two of the stars of the personal productivity blogosphere, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Glen Stansberry of LifeDev, Web Warrior Tools offers a collection of books devoted to topics like better email, podcasting, and other Lifehack-y subjects.
* Memoware: Memoware includes tens of thousands of public domain books, formatted for a wide range of portable devices. They also have a premium bookstore where more current, mainstream books can be bought.
* Fictionwise: A huge e-book bookstore, specializing in SF, with titles formatted for a range of devices. Check out their always-changing selection of free e-books drawn from their collection.

>How We Help You – Virtual Assistants and Remote Workers – LongerDays.com

>How We Help You – Virtual Assistants and Remote Workers – LongerDays.com: “Our goal is to free up your time, improve your lifestyle, increase your productivity, and reduce the amount of stress in your life. So you could think of your assistant in a number of ways. They can be your worker bee (helping you get things done and taking care of the things you don’t want to do), your lifestyle concierge (helping you create the life you want), or your secretary (helping you manage your work and life). We think the term ‘personal assistant’ sums it up best because, really, we can help you with any random task you have – personal or professional – that doesn’t require our physical presence.”

>Associated Content – The Ultimate Call For Content

>Associated Content – The Ultimate Call For Content: “The Ultimate Call for Content

One topic. One day. One piece of content.


Every day, Content Producers at Associated Content have the opportunity to go beyond their own choice of what to publish and pick up one of our many Calls for Content.

On Tuesday, June 3 — in conjunction with Internet Week New York — Associated Content will release its biggest call ever:

One call worth $5,000.

The call will be released at 9 a.m. ET on June 3. Then, registered Content Producers will have until midnight to submit their entry on that special topic. Content Producers are limited to one entry per person.”