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>Casting Crowns Flagstaff

>Casting Crowns was awesome last night. Lori and I had front row and it was amazing. In usual fashion, Mark Hall preached between songs and he really hit home sometimes. His introduction to “Slow Fade” is one that stands out in my memory. Losing our faith and passion for Christ and turning back to the world, letting our old sin nature rule again, is not an overnight process. Over time, after many little compromises that build into larger ones, our spirit slowly fades away and “man I used to be rises up in me again.”

I could certainly relate to this message. I remember my first six months after my true heart conversion to Jesus. I was on fire, nothing could shake my faith. I was in the word, in prayer, hearing the direction of the Holy Spirit. Now, nine years down the road, my faith is shaky at best, I feel very distant from God. I rarely pray and when I do it feels awkward. I struggle with pornography, have been to rehab twice for alcohol, drug and sex addiction. I rarely read my bible. I gawk at women, curse with the best of them, gossip at work. I have indeed experienced the slow fade back to the man I used to be.

God, last night I prayed the prayer of salvation again. Please Lord help be to repent, to turn around and begin to walk in a new direction, with you and in the light of your mercy and grace. Amen.

>Yesterday, I went to…


Yesterday, I went to the doctor to have the lumps under my cheek looked at and good news is very unlikely that it’s cancer. It is like a cyst, possibly a sweat gland. Anyway, Doc said we just keep an eye on it. If we have to remove it, it’ll be a lovely scar on my cheek and it’s in a location that won’t be covered in facial hair. So, that’s okay. But it could stay the way it is and it’s good news overall. listen

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firstsentences.com, Some ideas, first the community members will contribute content by writing first sentences. Community members will vote for a ranking system. Also, thought it could have something where you pick a first sentence and start a story thread off of it. listen

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>firstsentences.com should…


firstsentences.com should be, maybe some sort of a contest or monetary incentive related to the rankings. For example, a user could pick a first sentence, declare a challenge, each person who participates contributes say a dollar, and the pot is then split between first and second place. Something like that. That’s one possible model. listen

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>Stayed up late last…


Stayed up late last night to be continued. Yesterday, while I was in doctor’s office I brainstormed some first sentence of story and the thought is(?) me that it might make for a good social network website. Last night I got firstsentences.com domain. So, very good that it was available and I think I will pursue this idea. listen

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>I stayed up late last…


I stayed up late last night just doing Twitter, the 2nd line _____ was accepted as a artist exhibitor in the S.L 5th birthday celebration, that was very exciting so I went to the team and ____ my side 12 square meter lot and good to go, off to build a gallery on the land and _____ works for the _____. listen

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>Warren Adler Short Story Contest

>Warren Adler Short Story Contest: “Suggested by the recent publication of Warren Adler’s latest novel, Funny Boys, the theme for the Summer 2008 Warren Adler Short Story Contest is humor. We’re looking for humorous stories in all their varied forms. From satire to farce, from the whimsical to the uproarious, all writers looking to get a laugh (in a good way!) should enter. We are looking for the subtle and the pungent, the black and dark, the sporty, the salty, the waggish, or whatever can spark a knowing smile, a sly chuckle, or a hysterical belly laugh. In other words, anything goes, just as long as it falls into this category, however one stretches its elastic boundaries.”

>Gmail – Casting Crowns in Flagstaff this Saturday – gotbot@gmail.com

>Gmail – Casting Crowns in Flagstaff this Saturday – gotbot@gmail.com: “Casting Crowns will be at the beautiful Pine Mountain Amphitheater in Flagstaff on Saturday. Our records show you have bought tickets and are planning to attend.

Here are a few suggestions and tips regarding the event:

1. Pine Mountain Amphitheater is located IN the Ft. Tuthill County Park; take exit 337 off I-17 just south of Flagstaff. It is not located at 504 N. Leroux. For a map click here.

2. The concert will start at 7:45 p.m. with Justin Unger, followed by the Daniel Doss Band then Casting Crowns. Doors open about 6:45 p.m. Those with lawn tickets should bring low-profile chairs or blankets. Everyone should read the list of ‘admissible items’ allowed inside the venue – for that list click here.

3. The box office onsite will open at 4:30 p.m. for will call and ticket sales. Tickets will be available for sale on site – the concert will not sell out, so tell your friends and family to join you for the last and only 2008 Arizona appearance by Casting Crowns.

4. Parking – all vehicles must pay to park so carpool and save gas ($5 general parking, $10 limited amount of premium parking). The parking lots are a fairly distant walk from the amphitheater entrance so be prepared for that. Since this venue is IN a beautiful forest, it will be dark as you wal”


>::: OPIUM MAGAZINE :::: “Opium’s wacky contests have led to loads of sensational work, from the 500-Word Memoir contest judged by Daniel Handler (for Opium5) to the 250-Word Bookmark Contest judged by Aimee Bender that will debut along with Opium6. Now it’s time to reignite Opium4′s contest–The Shya Scanlon 7-Line Story Contest–this time judged by Brian Evenson.

The rules? Easy. Write a story that is seven lines or less within margins that are 8.5′ or less. Fiction, non-fiction, prose poetry or any other excellence is allowed. The winning story, along with a handful of finalists, will appear in Opium7 which will debut on Oct. 6. Below, read two shining examples–finalists from Opium4.

Enter, and tell the world so they can enter, too!

The Deadline: August 15, 2008
The Reward: $1,000, and publication in Opium7.
The Cost: $10 for a single entry; $17.50 for two
How to Submit: Send your story to OpiumPrize@gmail.com, and pay the entry fee(s)
The Odds: We can’t know this until all entries are in, but know that we do publish many stories from our contests (10 appear in Opium6, along with over 30 on OpiumMagazine.com).”