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>Baptism, Toy Story 3 and a Car Wash Water Fight (Maybe)


This morning we went to church where Luke switched back to his 3-year old classroom. He had been moved up to the 4-year old room and wasn't ready for the structure and curriculum that came with it. Meanwhile Pastor Mark started a new 2-week series on the importance of baptism for believers. After church we went to San Tan Village and ate at the Food Court. Lori and Emma shared orange chicken from Panda Express, Luke had a Auntie Anne's pretzel with cheese sauce and I had a delicious gyros. After lunch we saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. If there's had been a non-3D one showing at the same time we would have seen that. I personally don't think 3D adds anything to the movie. In fact, it makes the picture less sharp and less vibrant in my opinion. I hope the 3D craze is just a fad. Maybe I'm just and old fart now. Oh, and $37 for movie tickets (2 adult and 2 kids). Dang! Ok rant over, the movie itself was excellent. Pixar managed to make another winner. Toy Story 3 was a great story and had plenty of laughs and excitement for both adults and kids. After the movie we went to Walmart and bought some car wash supplies. The idea is for everybody to get in their bathing suits and wash the car and have a water fight. But right now it is like 140 degrees outside and we really don't want to go out there, water or no water.

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