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The goal of this paper is to present an objective comparison between Silverlight 5 and HTML 5 (with: JavaScript / ECMAScript 5 + CSS3 + any required additional frameworks and APIs). We will only focus on some features: covering these technologies entirely would require a whole book.
The main idea is to provide a guide to help you choose a technology as part of a planned project.
All decisions elements could not be presented here of course. You should take this document as a help to decide rather than as an absolute truth.

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What is Fayde? Fayde is a XAML engine written in Javascript that renders on the HTML5 Canvas. Due to the widespread investment of resources into HTML5 and Javascript, Fayde will sit on a well-supported framework that allows business applications to reach across all platforms and browsers. After setting a foundation, Fayde will seek to revolutionize the web application industry to support the passionate community of XAML developers.

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