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HTML 5 browsers and HTML 5 for Windows 8 Metro are now serious candidates for developing modern games.   With the canvas, you have access to an hardware accelerated space where you can draw the content of your game and with some tips and tricks you will be able to achieve a splendid 60 frame per second render.This notion of fluidity is really important in games because the smoother the game is the better the feeling of the player is.The goal of this article is to give you some keys on how to get the maximum power from HTML 5 canvas.  

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A Health Care Narrative

Shortly after midnight on March 13, 2014 I awoke with pain in my chest and drove myself to the Emergency Room at Banner Desert Medical Center. Heart attack was ruled out by an EKG and I was moved to the Observation Unit. March 13 – 16 I underwent several tests to help determine the source of my pain and was regularly given morphine to control my discomfort. Tests included, but may not be limited to, EKG, blood work, x-rays, CAT scan of chest cavity, Ultrasound of chest and abdomen, endoscopy and finally a HIDA scan. The ultrasound reveled gall stones present. The endoscopy revealed scaring and redness that was probably due to acid reflux. The hida scan revealed that my gallbladder bile ducts were not obstructed, but their functionality was diminished. On March 16 I was discharged with a diagnosis of acid reflux and was instructed to follow up with an appointment with the G/I doctor. When I insisted that my pain level was too high for that to be the cause and that I did not want to be discharged while still experiencing so much pain, my Hospitalist doctor told me that there was no clinic evidence supporting the level the pain I was claiming to be in and that he was removing me from all pain medication immediately and discharging me.

The next day on March 17 I went to my PCP who did a physical exam of me, and also reviewed the reports of the test results from Banner Desert Medical Center. He said that it was clear that I had classic gallbladder disease and he recommended a surgical consult. I did so the following day on March 18. After the surgeon examined me and reviewed the test results from Banner, he also concurred that I was a candidate for gallbladder removal surgery. I had the procedure done on March 19, after which I was no longer in any pain.

My complaint is that Banner Desert did unnecessary tests on me after the ultra-sound showed the existence of gallstones, that they did not provide a surgical consult, and that they discharged me with a false diagnosis and while I was still in extreme pain.

Priest is for PvP: A Guide

A well-built and geared Priest should be a tank; you can’t keep your party alive if you can’t stay alive. If people hit you and then switch targets because your hp isn’t moving or because they don’t do damage fast enough that you can perfect heal yourself, you’re on the right track. A good Priest should not be using magic barrier on their self all the time, magic barrier is for the rest of your party, not for you unless you’re the one taking the majority of damage. But again, read the second sentence. You can make or break your party in PvP, depending on whether you are any good or not.

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Rohan Leveling Spots

This is generally a guide to levelling spots; I am not saying that you should strictly follow this. I’m recommending this based on my own experience. I suggest getting scrolls and talisman from the item mall so that you can advance to higher level mobs as you grind, which means faster exp gained. These premium items are not that expensive, especially when they are on sale, make sure to take advantage of those mallwide sales.

1-10: Finish all the quests in the Hall of Revelation, especially the last one which gives you a novice talisman, experience gained is significantly increased when you have it in your inventory.

11-15: Go to your town. Do some quests The Flashing “Q” on the right side of your screen informs/alerts you of the quest that you can take at your current level

15-20: Go to the Gathering Hall. (You can go there by clicking the GH icon on the right side of your screen). Ask players to buff you, you would be looking for AM (Almighty) from priests, STR Buffs from guardians, MB from templars. Go to the sundries; buy a portal to the “Wild Highlands”. Save bindstone (when you die, you will respawn to where you have saved your bindstone). Grind near the portal.

PS: Ask for buffs politely, getting buffed is not 100% as people don’t usually give those services off for free nowadays
20-25: Proceed to the Gnoll Camp. It is just a little north of your current grinding spot. Press M and look it up on the map.

25-30: Go to the Akhma Cave. Proceed to the Bloodsouls/Mightsouls room.

30-40: Temple of Flox. Go to Gathering Hall again. Buy a portal to the “Last Warzone”. Press M and you will see the Temple of Flox north of you, follow the road to get there. (Before you enter in the temple, save your bindstone first to the bindstone near Flox). Another grinding spot is on the Orc Fortress, you can get there by buying the portal from the GH Sundries.

40-50: Rakhon Castle 1, Altar of Roha. Monsters would start hitting you hard at this point, make sure that you equip decent optioned armors and weapons as you grind.

50-60: Spire of Redemption, Rakhon Castle 3. You can get to Spire using the Limestone Foothill portal. A fast way of getting to Rakhon 3 (R3) is to ask a dark elf to warp you there, or buying an R3 portal stone from the IM. There are plenty of grinding spots here, also you would notice that you cannot access the local map here as you press “M”, that is normal, thus you must familiarize yourself as to where your grinding spot is, and remember it. The well known levelling spots are Muracco, Salamander, Wundine and Land Angels. (The local map window cannot be accessed while inside dungeons)

Rakhon 3 Castle

60-75: You can stay in R3 or proceed to Mangrove Bay. This area provides great levelling spots from this level on. Calamander tower, J-4, Forest of Secrets, and Lab are just some of your options.

75-85: Rima Map, a nice grinding spot near the safe zone. You can go there by using the “Whirlwind Field” portal stone. Mobs which deal physical damage like Earth and Venom Djinns are what you are looking for here.
Ronelia Underground Castle. There are plenty of rooms to train here, an awesome spot to level up. Monsters respawn pretty fast in these rooms so you would be lolling on how fast your exp increases xD

85-99: Stay in Ronelia. You can proceed to the Exterior or Interior parts. From this point onwards, where you want to farm/level up is pretty much up to you. Good luck in levelling your character up to the level cap.


  1. One of ROHAN’s greatest feature is that you can de-level a weapon or armor. For example, a weapon that has a level requirement of 33 can be levelled down and used to 20. Imagine that! Be sure to update your weapons and armors constantly. (Especially when you feel that the mob’s damage start to hurt you or if your damage to the mobs are significantly lower than how you want them to be)
  2. Avoid PK Spots as much as possible.
  3. A good to have party members are Rangers (Winged Foot party buff), Guardians (Critical Aura), and Defender (Empower).
  4. You can use this awesome skill calculator to experiment with your character stats and skill points, all credits to Aero

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Rohan Ancient Weapon Accessories

I searched a long time to find out what accessories can be used in the “Accessory” slot in forging and ancient weapon in Rohan Blood Feud. I finally found this in the forum. Thank you!

What you do is you go to a weaponsmith NPC, right click them, then click the ancient weapon option. The chance of you succeeding an ancient weapon is very low. You drag the unique weapon in the first slot in the first slot and the enchanting accessory into the second slot. A weapon can be enchanted with:Cat’s Eye, Lvl 1, Green Mano 21, Spinel 41, Aquamarine 51, Imperial Topaz 61, Rose Quarz 66, Carnelian 71, Jadeite 76, Opal 81, Emerald 86, Pink Sapphire 91, Blue Diamond 96

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