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Proper use of AsyncTask

Using Android’s 3.0 Fragments API, available for versions 1.6+ in the Android Compatibility Package, we can create an extra layer around AsyncTask that fixes the problem while preserving the abstraction.

A Fragment can outlive its parent Activity through configuration changes by way of setRetainInstance(true). Even better, overriding the proper Fragment event callbacks, it’s possible to distinguish between a recreation and a real destruction, as well as knowing for sure when an Activity is ready to receive events.

We’ll see how to create a Fragment to manage our AsyncTask instances, and ensure a live Activity instance at the time onPostExecute() is called. The mechanism is completely independent from the specifics of the background work, so it’s simple to create a full abstraction that gives a safe execution environment for callbacks and preserves the ease of use of AsyncTask.

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AdvanTej: Android : Passing data between main thread and worker threads.

Android : Passing data between main thread and worker threads.There may be situations where you want to spawn a thread from your Activity or Service to handle long running and may be blocking tasks. In such cases, its sometimes necessary to pass data back and forth between the main thread and the worker threads. E.g. if the worker thread finishes a task and returns the result to the main activity to display the results OR you want to keep a worker thread around and ask it to switch between tasks depending on some message you pass to it.

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Web Data Streams I

Large amounts of useful (and not so useful) data are available on the Web in the form of structured text such as XML and HTML, or even plain text, and in binary formats such as bitmapped images. An Android device will typically have system and 3rd-party utilities such as browsers and media viewers installed to deal with many of these automatically if you click on an appropriate link in a browser. However, Android has classes that allow us to access and manipulate these data streams directly from within an application, giving the programmer complete control over how the data are retrieved, used, and displayed.

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Easy Development Studio

We are introducing a new all in one tool for android developers.

Weather you are just getting your start in Android development or you are a veteran

this tool will lighten your load.  Easy to use interface makes modifying .apk, .dex, and .jar files a simple task.

No more command line only options and having to type out commands till your fingers are numb, although you are not limited only to E.D.S.

you can simply jump back and fourth if needed.

Not all features are implemented yet but we are well on our way. We have many plans for this tool in the future and new ideas daily.

So with your support we feel this tool can replace 80% of the tasks that take hours or even weeks to complete.

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