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Using Visual Studio database projects in real life – Gunnar Peipman’s ASP.NET blog

Visual Studio database projects are good to support software development. I have successfully used database projects for years and I think it’s time to share my experiences also to global developers audience. In this posting I will introduce you how to effectively use database projects so developers are working with up-to-date schema and test data all the time.

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Using Promises | codefoster

If I want to create my own method and allow callers to call it asynchronously then I need to return to them a promise. That’s simply the pattern in JavaScript.Creating a promise is pretty easy, but you need to understand the concept because sometimes things can start to feel messy and it’s really helpful to understand what’s going on not that I do entirely yet.In Windows 8 JavaScript development we have the WinJS.Promise. You create it like this…

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SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft in Production

As the only operational vehicle capable of taking significant amounts of cargo both to and from the International Space Station, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is already a critical piece of the American space program.  With at least 10 more station resupply missions over the next couple years, and with development of a human-rated Dragon and DragonLab underway, production of the Dragon spacecraft has increased significantly. 

No other American company is mass producing spacecraft at the same rate.  Pictured below are no less than six Dragons in production, as SpaceX ramps up to keep pace with its plans and a very full manifest:

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del.icio.us tag cleaner

This is a tool for removing unnecessary tags from your del.icio.us bookmarks.

If you’re like me, you probably have thousands of bookmarks collected over years and years of web surfing and hundreds of tags used to describe them. But the thing is that over these years you haven’t been able to come up with a consistent taxonomy for your tags.

You might have, for example, dozens of different tags for expressing links related to software development: "dev", "devel", "development" etc.

This tool can suggest you tags to be merged together, so you can choose one by one and have it merge the chosen tags on your del.icio.us account.

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Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming With Java


I wrote this book for both professional programmers and home hobbyists who already know how to program in Java and who want to learn practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming and information processing techniques. I have tried to
make this an enjoyable book to work through. In the style of a “cook book,” the
chapters can be studied in any order. Each chapter follows the same pattern: a motivation for learning a technique, some theory for the technique, and a Java example
program that you can experiment with.

I have been interested in AI since reading Bertram Raphael’s excellent book Thinking Computer: Mind Inside Matter in the early 1980s. I have also had the good
fortune to work on many interesting AI projects including the development of commercial expert system tools for the Xerox LISP machines and the Apple Macintosh,
development of commercial neural network tools, application of natural language
and expert systems technology, medical information systems, application of AI technologies to Nintendo and PC video games, and the application of AI technologies to
the financial markets.

Commonly Confused Bits Of jQuery | Smashing Coding

The explosion of JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery onto the front-end development scene has opened up the power of JavaScript to a far wider audience than ever before. It was born of the need — expressed by a crescendo of screaming by front-end developers who were fast running out of hair to pull out — to improve JavaScript’s somewhat primitive API, to make up for the lack of unified implementation across browsers and to make it more compact in its syntax.

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Easy Development Studio

We are introducing a new all in one tool for android developers.

Weather you are just getting your start in Android development or you are a veteran

this tool will lighten your load.  Easy to use interface makes modifying .apk, .dex, and .jar files a simple task.

No more command line only options and having to type out commands till your fingers are numb, although you are not limited only to E.D.S.

you can simply jump back and fourth if needed.

Not all features are implemented yet but we are well on our way. We have many plans for this tool in the future and new ideas daily.

So with your support we feel this tool can replace 80% of the tasks that take hours or even weeks to complete.

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