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Unleash the power of HTML 5 Canvas for gaming – Eternal Coding – HTML5 / Windows / Kinect / 3D development – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

HTML 5 browsers and HTML 5 for Windows 8 Metro are now serious candidates for developing modern games.   With the canvas, you have access to an hardware accelerated space where you can draw the content of your game and with some tips and tricks you will be able to achieve a splendid 60 frame per second render.This notion of fluidity is really important in games because the smoother the game is the better the feeling of the player is.The goal of this article is to give you some keys on how to get the maximum power from HTML 5 canvas.  

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Coding Horror: Understanding Model-View-Controller

This ubiquitous trifecta represents MVC almost perfectly.

The HTML is the "skeleton" of bedrock content. Text that communicates information to the reader.

The CSS adds visual style to the content. It is the "skin" that we use to flesh out our skeleton and give it a particular look. We can swap in different skins via CSS without altering the original content in any way. They are relatively, but not completely, independent.

The browser is responsible for combining and rendering the CSS and HTML into a set of final, manipulatible pixels on the screen. It gathers input from the user and marshals it to any JavaScript code necessary for the page to function. But here, too, we have flexibility: we can plug in a different brower and get comparable results. Some browsers might render it faster, or with more fidelity, or with more bells and whistles.

So if you believe the web has been at all successful — most signs I’ve seen point to yes — then you also have to acknowledge the incredible power of Model-View-Controller.

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Web Data Streams I

Large amounts of useful (and not so useful) data are available on the Web in the form of structured text such as XML and HTML, or even plain text, and in binary formats such as bitmapped images. An Android device will typically have system and 3rd-party utilities such as browsers and media viewers installed to deal with many of these automatically if you click on an appropriate link in a browser. However, Android has classes that allow us to access and manipulate these data streams directly from within an application, giving the programmer complete control over how the data are retrieved, used, and displayed.

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HTML 5: Current browser support

Here’s one of the many sites that gives a “score” on how well html5 standards are supported per browser.

Here’s the summary though… (Score is out of possible 450)

Current           Version     Score
Google Chrome     15.0.874    342
Opera             11.60       325
Mozilla Firefox   8.0         314
Apple Safari      5.1         293
Microsoft IE      9           141

Dev or Beta       Version     Score
Google Chrome     16.0.891    343
Opera             12 alpha    340
Microsoft IE      10          300
Microsoft IE      10 PP       299

Experience ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta – the Razor View Engine

Razor is designed to be an alternate view engine for ASP.NET MVC. Initially introduced in WebMatrix and now shipped as part of ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta, Razor allows developers to replace the clunky <% %> syntax with a much cleaner coding model mainly around the sign @. Moreover, it provides some excellent features for Master Page scenarios, while at the same time you won’t lose access to any features you are already familiar with, such as HTML helper methods.

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>A Beginner’s Guide to E-Books – Stepcase Lifehack

>A Beginner’s Guide to E-Books – Stepcase Lifehack: “How to Find E-Books

There are thousands, maybe millions, of sites offering e-books on the Internet, but here are a few good ones:

* Amazon: Of course Amazon has e-books, with just about any recent mainstream book for sale. Your favorite online retailer probably carries e-books, too.
* Project Gutenberg: Millions of free, public domain books, generally available in text and HTML formats. Includes just about any classic book you can think of from before 1923, and a few more recent books.
* Wowio: Beautifully formatted books, including some fairly recent mainstream books, all free.
* The Internet Archive: The Internet Archive is scanning books in libraries around the world and making them available for free in a range of formats, including searchable PDFs of the original page images. They have about half-a-million texts so far, and counting.
* Baen Free Library: A pioneer in the e-book field, Baen makes selected titles from it’s line of science fiction and fantasy books available for free download. Lots of good stuff for SF fans!
* Free-eBooks.net: A huge directory of free e-books, most of which are self-published. You’ll have to do some digging to find quality stuff here, but there are plenty of good books to be found wit# h some patience.
* Web Warrior Tools: Founded by two of the stars of the personal productivity blogosphere, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Glen Stansberry of LifeDev, Web Warrior Tools offers a collection of books devoted to topics like better email, podcasting, and other Lifehack-y subjects.
* Memoware: Memoware includes tens of thousands of public domain books, formatted for a wide range of portable devices. They also have a premium bookstore where more current, mainstream books can be bought.
* Fictionwise: A huge e-book bookstore, specializing in SF, with titles formatted for a range of devices. Check out their always-changing selection of free e-books drawn from their collection.