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Parallax Boe – Bot Robot Kit | Edmund Scientific

The ever-popular Boe-Bot Full Kit is a complete reprogrammable robot kit. The Robotics text includes 41 new activities for the Boe-Bot robot with structured PBASIC 2.5 source code support and bonus challenges with solutions in each chapter. Starting with basic movement and proceeding to sensor-based projects, you will quickly learn how the Boe-Bot is expandable for many different robotic projects. No previous robotics, electronics or programming experience is necessary. Parallax offers the most complete, clear and interesting support for this kit. Over 90,000 Boe-Bot robots are in use by hobbyists, educators and students around the world, which provided lots of feedback for improvements to this popular kit along the way.

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>Love and Logic In Action


Instead of watching TV or letting the kids play together (without me) today (just how do I fall into "lazy parenting" so easily?), I used some of the techniques that Lori and I learned at the Love and Logic parenting conference we attended last week. Kids want to contribute to the family, they want to be helpful. Find productive stuff for them to do. Last weekend they helped me wash the car. Today I told them to clean their pool. I didn't tell them how, I just let them go at it. On their own they filled a bucket, asked for soap and got the sponges and scrubbed until they were done. Halfway through as I could see them start to lag a bit, I let them know that if they finished the job and did it well they would be rewarded with a treat. They did awesome and we all enjoyed some ice cream after they were finished. The kids attitude and behavior right now is really good and they seem very happy. Of course they are, you say, you gave them ice cream! Yes they enjoyed it, but it isn't just the yummy treat. They feel proud that they helped the family by doing a chore and feel good about themselves that they did a good job.

This isn't rocket science and it seems like common sense. That's why it's called Love and Logic I guess. Check out their web site, there are a ton of good parenting resources.

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Emma and Luke With Santa

Emma and Luke visited Santa at our usual place in downtown Chandler. The Lyon’s club sets this up every year and it’s such a great alternative to the mall. Very friendly volunteers and there’s never a long line. This year the kids are not shy or frightened of Santa. It’s fun watching them really get into Christmas this year.

10 Ways to Be a Better Dad: #1

Spend time with your kids. It’s the best way to show them your love. And it will keep you from going completely nuts every weeknight. My kids go crazy when I get home from work. They love being with dad. It’s not about what I can give them or do for them or teach them. What they want is simply my time, my attention.

I went through a period of time earlier in fatherhood when I lost my patience easily and felt annoyed by the constant interruptions and attention-seeking of my kids. These feelings were rooted in my unwillingness to sacrifice my time.

I am by nature a very selfish person and I realized that I was being a selfish dad. I made a decision to focus my attention on my son and daughter when I got home from work, putting all else aside until they were in bed. I found that I had patience with them and really enjoyed the time because they weren’t competing with my own agenda for attention.

I was being a better dad and I felt better around the kids. I think they felt better too and as a result there was less fighting and whining, more playing and laughing in the home.