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The Sky According to Luke

I was carrying my 3-year old son Luke the other day and he reached up toward the clouds and said, “I can almost touch them.” He stretched up, reaching higher, almost there… Then he said, “Dad, they’re squishy aren’t they?”

“Yes son, I suppose they are.”

A Typical Chat With Luke, My 3 Year Old

Dad: Luke, go get your shoes. It’s time to go to preschool.
Luke: ….
Dad: Luke, go – get – your – shoes.
Luke: ….
Dad: Luke!
Luke: Ming Ming is saving my dinosaur!
Dad: Luke, it’s not playtime, it’s school time. Please get your shoes.
Luke: I WILL!
Dad: You do not raise your voice to me! Now get your shoes or no computer time after school today. 5.. 4.. 3..
Luke: I AM!
Dad: Thank you. Now please put them on.
Luke: I can’t.
Dad: Yes you can.
Luke: No I can’t!
Dad: Yes you can Luke, you’re a big boy and I’ve seen you do it before.
Luke: No I need help you do it.
Dad: Come on Luke, we’re running late now.
Luke: No we aren’t.
Dad: Yes, we are now put your shoes on please.
Luke: NO – WE – AREN’T!
Dad: That’s it, no computer time today.
Luke: Noooooo! I’m doing it see I’m doing it!

Emma and Luke With Santa

Emma and Luke visited Santa at our usual place in downtown Chandler. The Lyon’s club sets this up every year and it’s such a great alternative to the mall. Very friendly volunteers and there’s never a long line. This year the kids are not shy or frightened of Santa. It’s fun watching them really get into Christmas this year.


Isolation - D Block

Luke is in solitary confinement upstairs in his room. I brought his lunch up to him: bread and water.

Okay, grilled cheese and milk, but close. I wonder what is more difficult, being 3 or parenting a 3 year old boy. He has been convicted this afternoon of talking back, calling both mom and dad names (“stinker” and “poopyhead” are currently his two favorites), not listening, and throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store.

The jury is still out on the length of his sentence.

This is a public record.

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