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Enter at Your Own Rift: Leveling the achievements way | Massively

When I came back to RIFT last month and started a new character, I had a choice as to how I would level back up through the game. There was the traditional questing path, pursuing dynamic events, running endless streams of dungeons, engaging in shudder PvP, or queuing up for instant adventures. I decided to blend them all together like premium yogurt and use the achievements system as a guide.I dont tether myself to achievement systems in all MMOs I play, but RIFTs makes it fun and natural. Its easy to parse whats left to be done on a zone by zone or system by system basis, and the little noise and graphic that pops up makes me feel like a good doggy, indeed.Its turned out to be an incredibly good decision. Ive had so much more fun this time around than the first, greatly in part to achievements nudging me off the path well-traveled.

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Xeno’s EZ 51 Warlock Guide.

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Welcome to Xeno’s Guide to 51 Warlock.

This is an alternate spec for peeps that would like to try a DOT based class . This class boasts high survivability, everything heals the mage while pumping out massive and consistant DPS. Also it does not need pillaging stones! (alternate builds with it have shown me worse DPS than other modifiers I can get elsewhere for this build).

Lastly, its got a rediculously easy rotation. For those having trouble with more complex specs, you may loose a little DPS doing this spec, but you’ll find it super easy to perform and more attention can be spent on mechanics etc making this a decent progression build too.

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Rohan Online Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP/PvE) – MMORPG.com Blogs

Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP/PvE)

The half elf ranger build in my opinion is the king of solo. This build is designed to bombard enemies from an insane attack range. The Ranger has a decent critical rate and some great rooting spells.
Stat Build: Your leveling points should be distributed as 1VIT – 3 DEX or This ranger build has no psyche so you are gonna rely on pots for your mana so you must be careful not to deplete it too soon.. You will have some decent HP with 130 points of VIT just in case someone might be lucky enough to get close to you.
This build has a large distribution of DEX to boost your ranged attack quite a bit. You will have great damage and a long range to do it in.
PvE: The easiest class to solo with by far and one of the fasted classes to level also. Most mobs won’t even get close enough to you to do any damage since you have long attack range and have the ability to slow your target mobility speed. Only ranged mobs will have that chance to get a few shots off before they hit the ground bleeding. You only really need to cast one skill per mob before they die since you will be doing some nasty normal ranged attack damage. You will also have an easy time when in a high level mob grind party. You don’t really have to move around much just let tankers tank and do a little pulling here and there.
PvP: The ranger class i one of the few classes that do well agains ranged and melee based classes in PvP. You take down magic type classes pretty easily and melee classes can be stunned and slowed down to a crawl before they can get to you. You can do some powerful critical damage at a long range using Critical Shot. The ranger has some great PvP skill at their disposal including Luxury Shot and Premium Shot leaving enemies with missed parts of their HP bar lol. A nice spell to initiate your PvP sequence is Speed Wind which boosts your attack speed to an insane rate that lasts 10 seconds. When a melee class finally does get to you, hit them with Brandish Kick which has a 70% chance to stun target for 9 seconds. You can kite away from enemies easily since you have increased mobility skills.
Conclusion: This ranger build is balanced and you will have extended use of your skills and will be able to solo and pvp well. You don’t have a whole lot of mana so be careful. Remember that range is your advantage, don’t let melee get to close or they will rip you up.