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US Military Rescues Iranian Sailors, Again – ABC News

For the second time in as many weeks, the U.S. military has rescued distressed Iranian sailors, despite the extremely high tensions between the two nations.

According to the Navy’s account, at about 3 a.m. local time an American Coast Guard patrol boat in the north Persian Gulf was hailed by flares and flashlights from an Iranian cargo ship whose engine room was flooding. Six Iranians were rescued from the ship, fed halal meals in accordance with Islamic law, and later taken to shore.

"Saving lives is the last thing you expect to do at [3 a.m.] while patrolling in the Northern Arabian Gulf, but being in the Coast Guard, that’s what we are trained to do," Boatswain Mate 2nd Class Emily Poole said in a statement by the Navy, using an alternate designation for the Persian Gulf.

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U.S. Navy Rescues Iranians From Pirates – ABC News

If it were the other way around Iran would have incarcerated the rescued Americans for being “spies”. We did the right thing and I’m proud of our Navy boys.

The U.S. Navy rescued more than a dozen Iranian sailors who had been held at sea by a band of pirates for weeks, the Pentagon announced today.

According to the military’s account, an American helicopter from the destroyer USS Kidd "detected a suspected pirate skiff alongside" an Iranian-flagged fishing ship in the Arabian Sea approximately 175 miles southeast of Muscat, Oman, Thursday. At the same time, the Iranian ship was able to send a distress call, claiming the ship was held by pirates.

American Navy sailors with a "visit, board, search and seizure team" then boarded the Iranian ship and were able to detain 15 suspected pirates and free the 13-member Iranian crew, the Pentagon said. A Navy Criminal Investigative Service agent on the scene, Josh Schminky, said the Iranian crew had been forced to help the pirates carry out operations and pirates had apparently been using the Iranian ship as a "mothership".

"When we boarded, we gave [the Iranians] food, water, and medical care," Schminky said in a Pentagon report. "They had been through a lot. We went out of our way to treat the fishing crew with kindness and respect."

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News from The Associated Press

MOSCOW (AP) — Police clashed with demonstrators protesting alleged election fraud in Moscow and at least two other major Russian cities on Tuesday as anger boiled over against strongman Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party.

At least 250 people were detained by police at a protest in downtown Moscow that included flare-type fireworks thrown at a group of pro-Kremlin youth, said city police spokesman Maxim Kolosvetov.

Russian news agencies reported about 200 were arrested at a similar attempt to hold an unsanctioned rally in St. Petersburg and another 25 in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don. The Moscow protest ended after around 3 1/2 hours and the others were broken up by police.

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>BP: No oil leaking into Gulf from busted well – Yahoo! News


A tightly fitted cap was successfully keeping oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time in three months, BP said Thursday. The victory — long awaited by weary residents along the coast — is the most significant milestone yet in BP’s effort to control one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.

The news elicited joy mixed with skepticism from wary Gulf Coast residents following months of false starts, setbacks and failed attempts. Alabama Gov. Bob Riley’s face lit up when he heard the oil flow had stopped.

“That’s great. I think a lot of prayers were answered today,” said Riley.

The stoppage came 85 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes after the first report April 20 of an explosion on the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon oil rig that killed 11 workers and triggered the spill.

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>Finding Kindle Resources – Kindle Ready



Woman Reading eBook

Blogkindle blog offers daily news about the Kindle, eBooks, E Ink, and other related topics. There are well over 30 categories to search, including such topics as Free Kindle Books, Kindle Accessories, Kindle Thoughts, Kindle Tips and Tricks, and Kindle Applications. There is a very useful Kindle International Coverage Map that shows the strength of wireless coverage for the Kindle around the world. There is also a chart that details by country if there is wireless available, if you can purchase blogs, the typical price of a book, if tax is included, how many books are available under $5.99, and how many total books are available.

Kindle Boards

Kindle Boards is a blog dedicated to all things Kindle. There is a very active user community, and the site boasts over 9,000 registered members and over 1.5 million pageviews a month. The user forum offers many discussions on the Kindle that you can join in or learn from. Topics range from Book Reviews and Recommendations to Kindle Apps to Kindle Reviews. On the website, you can also find tips and tricks for the Kindle and a Top 10 page that shows Kindle-related top-sellers on Amazon. There is also a blog on the site, which discusses the latest Kindle news.

Kindle User’s Guide

This is a handy link to the latest edition of Amazon’s Kindle User’s Guide. It covers how to get started with your Kindle, getting to know Kindle content, reading on your Kindle, searching on your Kindle, the Kindle Store, accessing the web, and Kindle settings. It also includes phone numbers and e-mail address for Kindle support if something goes wrong with your device.


Kindlechat is a blog that discusses the latest Kindle news. It started in November 2007, not long after Amazon first released the Kindle. It has an extensive archive of topics related to the Kindle. Some of the most popular information found on the site includes ‘How to fill your Kindle for Free,’ ‘An Alternate Kindle Charger,’ ‘How hard is it to return an eBook?,’ and ‘How to skip more than 2 page on a Kindle.’ You can also access a number of Kindle reviews on the site and get help for your Kindle questions on the Kindle Support page.

A Kindle World blog

According to the author of A Kindle World blog, “This blog will explore the capabilities of this device with its immediate access to the entire global Net, through its 24/7 wireless feature. There will be ongoing tutorials and guides for little-known features and latest information on the Kindle and its competitors. Questions are welcome.” You can even have this blog delivered directly to your Kindle.

Kindle Review blog

The ireaderreview blog is dedicated to helping people decide if a Kindle is the right eReader for them and how to make the most out of their Kindle should they decide to buy. You can find numerous reviews on the site as well as handy tips and tricks for the Kindle. There is also a Free Kindle Books section of blog, which provides links to sites where you can find free content for your Kindle.

Amazon Communities and User Reviews

The Amazon site itself is a rich resource for impartial information on the Kindle. There are a number of forums you can join on Amazon to discuss various aspects of the Kindle experience. Just visit Customer Communities on Amazon and search for Kindle. The Kindle Community lists over 18,000 contributors and has thousands of discussions you can join. On the product detail page of both the Kindle and the Kindle DX there are hundreds of reviews of the devices from users themselves. These reviews can be quite helpful in learning the issues people have with the Kindle, as well as the many positive aspects of the device.

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>Star Wars Uncut


The Uncut Project

Star Wars Uncut is the brainchild of Casey Pugh, a developer dedicated to creating new and fun experiences on the web.

Working as a developer at Vimeo, Casey became interested in using the internet as a tool for crowdsourcing user content.

Star Wars was a natural choice to explore the dynamics of community creation on the web – the response from fans has been overwhelming worldwide and the resulting movie is incredibly fun to watch.

Star Wars Uncut has been featured in documentaries, news features and conferences around the world for its unique appeal – we thank everyone for making it such a special project.

We plan to keep making Uncut movies – check back here for your chance to be part of it.

Very creative site. Star Wars spliced together in 15 second videos filmed by site users.

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>Yesterday, I went to…


Yesterday, I went to the doctor to have the lumps under my cheek looked at and good news is very unlikely that it’s cancer. It is like a cyst, possibly a sweat gland. Anyway, Doc said we just keep an eye on it. If we have to remove it, it’ll be a lovely scar on my cheek and it’s in a location that won’t be covered in facial hair. So, that’s okay. But it could stay the way it is and it’s good news overall. listen

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